Programming Club  

Programming is one of the most important fields of computer, and due to the advanced development in information technology, learning and mastering programming has become an important part not only for computer students to include other disciplines. Therefore, the Programming Club was established under the umbrella of the Student Activity Unit at the College of Computing and Information Technology at King Abdulaziz University for the benefit of the college’s students from the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels. The Programming Club is concerned with consolidating the concepts of programming languages ​​and mastering them correctly to enrich the college graduates with all the important concepts related to programming languages ​​and their uses.

Club message

The club is interested in providing a scientific and practical environment to develop the knowledge and practical skills of the club’s employees and the academic community through conducting lectures and organizing workshops related to computer programming and its departments.

Club goals

Introduction to popular programming languages ​​and their uses. Raising the level of college students and students in programming and mastering it correctly. Multiple use of programming in computer fields to include new disciplines such as artificial intelligence, data science, cybersecurity and others. Preparing female students and male students to attend and win programming competitions inside and outside the university. Preparing college graduates for the labor market.